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VILLA STANLEY and VILLA STANLEY EAST are Adult Residential Facilities licensed by the Department of Social Services. The facilities are designed for men and women who are seeking a residential environment that is able to serve the needs and provide services for the chronically mentally ill.

VILLA STANLEY is an 80 bed facility located in the Beverly/Fairfax area near The Grove. Farmer’s Market, CBS Television and Pan Pacific Park. VILLA STANLEY has been serving the community since 1989.

VILLA STANLEY EAST is a 62 bed facility located in the Melrose/LaBrea area on trendy Melrose Ave. and near Hollywood and Plummer Park. VILLA Stanley has been serving the community since 1998.

We offer care and support to residents seeking long-term housing needs as well as those who require short-term transitional care.

We work closely with hospitals and social service agencies in order to aid in appropriate placement of patients/clients being discharged or for those seeking a change in their residential setting.

In addition, we enable families arranging for residential placement for their family members, when living at home or on their own is no longer a viable option.

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